Integrate Carta with BambooHR

In Open Beta today, Carta now offers an integration with BambooHR, a leading provider of HR software!

Carta Companies on the Scale and IPO Ready plans using BambooHR can set up an integration in minutes and benefit from a seamless, secure integration that keeps employee information up to date in Carta, improving data accuracy and reducing the risk of error.

Email or your Carta Relationship Manager to learn more about getting access to this feature.

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When you integrate Carta with BambooHR, you can use the integration to:

  1. Auto-update stakeholder profiles in Carta as the corresponding employee record is updated in BambooHR
  2. Auto-terminate stakeholder profiles upon an employee’s departure

IT, HR and Finance leaders can rest assured that employee new hire and termination events are accurately reflected in Carta, creating the best possible experience for stakeholders, employees, and administrators.

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Carta customers can follow the simple steps in this how-to-guide to get up and running: How to set up an integration with BambooHR.

Learn more about how the integration works by reading this topic-guide: How does Carta integrate with BambooHR?.

Technical improvements to navigation

The Design Technology team at Carta is upgrading the top level navigation of our app, to use the latest Ink Design System improvements.

With this change, we will be able to support future design and navigation improvements planned for 2020.

There will be minor visual changes. We’ve increased contrast and legibility with white dropdown menus, and you might notice a few different colors here and there. Functionality remains the same.

Note: there is no change to menu items or to the way you get to different corners of the app. This update is unrelated to the navigational structure of our site.

For feedback, please reach out to

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Retract Board Consents

We're excited to announce that we have introduced the ability to retract a board consent on Carta!

Retracting a board consent is easy. Simply click on the "Actions" dropdown on the details page and select "retract consent":

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 2.53.03 PM.png

You can also retract a consent from the board dashboard by clicking on the grey dropdown and selecting "retract":

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 2.53.42 PM.png

Once you retract a consent, it will move the consent back into "draft status". A consent can only be retracted if no board members have approved it.

We hope this helps make drafting board consents easier and more intuitive!

Major Update: Carta App for Android

We're bringing a large update to drastically enhance the Carta experience for Android customers.

Register for you account in a few quick steps, set up fingerprint authentication for easy access, accept securities, and track vesting schedules within the new app.

As an investor, get real-time IRR and company performance information on the go!


Get the app now!

Track reported issues from stakeholders

As a company administrator, you have been getting emails when stakeholders report issues about their holdings. Now, we aggregate reported issues in one place and allow you to "Resolve" or "Dismiss." Under the company drop-down, you will find a new section called "Reported Issues." This will take you to the ledger of reported issues.

When you resolve an issue, add a note to send back to the Stakeholder. You may also choose to dismiss the issue, which will prompt you to enter a note for the reporting stakeholder.



This feature is being rolled out in Beta this week. If you have feedback, please reach out to

Add board members to company account during onboarding

If you are a company or legal administrator, you will now be asked to add a board member to the company's account during onboarding.

Why add board members during onboarding?

Board members are one of the most important stakeholders of a company. At Carta, we've built some features around board management and governance that make it easier for board members to streamline all their processes on Carta. For example, Carta makes equity grants even more efficient for board members by allowing board consents to be drafted and approved so that you can issue option grants to stakeholders without waiting for the next board meeting.

There is a new task in the Onboarding Setup Guide that requires companies with less than 25 stakeholders to add a board member to their account before going live.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.11.32 AM.png

If you're a law firm user onboarding a company to the free Carta Launch Plan, you will see the same task in step 3 of the Launch Setup Guide.

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 10.09.33 AM.png

When the company's board members are added to the account, they will immediately be sent an email asking them to create their account and login. By default, board members will be added to Account Users but will not have access to view the company's cap table unless you modify their level of access by visiting Account Users.

We believe it is valuable for companies to add their board members during their initial implementation. Capturing data and information early on will ensure the company is set up for success when utilizing Carta and realize the full benefits of our platform.

If you have any questions about Carta's board management and governance features, please send a note to

Learn more about creating board resolutions on Carta >

Add Multiple Resolution Templates to a Board Consent

We've made it easier to add multiple resolutions into one board consent document. Going forward, you can add as many resolution templates into the consent editor as you need.

To add a new resolution template to a consent, open a draft consent and click on the "X" icon. Choose "resolution template":

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.24.57 PM.png

From here, you can drop in any template that you have saved:

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.26.16 PM.png

Once a template is selected, it will populate into the consent document:

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 1.22.12 PM.png

We hope this helps make drafting board consents easier and more intuitive!

External Broker Option Transaction Recordkeeping

We have added functionality to facilitate the capture of stock option trades for public companies that occur with other brokers.

If you are a public company on the platform and have executives that trade via other brokers (through 10b5-1 plans or other trades) we now have an administrator-facing tool to enter in trade executions for stock options. The functionality allows for the calculation and adjustment of tax withholding information, and flows through to Carta's reports. Additionally, reporting is available to assist your company in settling the off-platform trade with your executive's external broker.

Upon selecting "Off System Transaction" at the employee grant level, administrators can now enter in trade execution information related to stock option transactions executed outside of Carta.

RKO 1.png

Selecting Off System Transaction brings you to the exercise information screen:


Taxes will be calculated based on the inputted trade information, and can be reviewed and adjusted if necessary.


Upon reviewing and approving, the transaction information will be stored as an off-system transaction, and the options available for exercise will be adjusted accordingly.

Copy assumptions for ASC 820 valuations

To help streamline the ASC 820 valuation process and eliminate duplicative work, we've released a new feature within our ASC 820 valuation tool that lets you create a new valuation using the assumptions from a previous valuation or copy the assumptions from a scenario.

When modeling out the valuation, you may wish to create a new scenario with the same assumptions from a previously created scenario. To do this, navigate to the scenario you wish to copy and select 'Copy scenario'.Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.34.31 AM.png Once copied, you will see a new scenario appear with the assumptions prepopulated. Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.35.57 AM.png You may additionally wish to use the same valuation assumptions year over year. To do this, select 'Create valuation'.Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.50.56 AM.png Enter in the new valuation date, select the cap table you wish to use, and then select the valuation from which you would like to copy the assumptions. Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.52.03 AM.png Once the valuation is created, you will see the new valuation on the Valuations ledger.Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.53.46 AM.png

Technical improvements to navigation

The Design Technology team at Carta is updating the top level navigation of our app, to benefit from the latest Ink Design System improvements.

With this architectural change, user experience will be more consistent, future design improvements will be easier, and we will be able to better support our future product roadmap.

There will be minor changes to visuals and interaction. On the visual side, the text is now bolder and more legible. On the interaction side, menu items will now open on click, instead of on hover.

Note: there is no change to menu items or to the way you get to different corners of the app. This update is unrelated to the navigational structure of our site.

For feedback, please reach out to