Capture taxes for manually entered exercises

Administrators can now capture tax withholding information for manually entered exercise transactions.

Upon entering an off-platform exercise transaction, administrators will now be presented with initial tax calculations (based on the option holders' stakeholder address).

From the Equity Awards ledger in the administrative view, select the caret for the option that has been exercised off-platform and select "Exercise Options":


Note: please make sure that the stakeholder has a stakeholder address populated if you would like to record taxes for a transaction.

When entering exercise information, estimated taxes are shown based on the option holder's stakeholder address. Administrators can update these tax values.

Update Taxes.png

Clicking review will allow the administrator to confirm and save the transaction and tax information:


Upon saving the transaction, the transaction and tax withholding information will flow through to the Exercised and Settled report. Carta's reporting can now be used to capture tax withholding for exercises enacted both within and outside the system.