Scenario modeling exports

We've released a new feature to our scenario modeling tool that let's you download the waterfall analysis into an excel spreadsheet or a PDF report.

To download an excel spreadsheet or PDF version of the waterfall analysis, navigate to the Capitalization drop down menu, select Scenario modeling and go to the Waterfall tab. Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.18.43 AM.png Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.19.10 AM.png If you've already created and saved a waterfall analysis, you will see those waterfall models listed at the bottom of the page. Select the drop down menu next to a waterfall analysis and you will see new options to export to excel or to PDF. Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.21.31 AM.png If this is your first time creating a waterfall analysis, you will want to enter an exit value, select the cap table you wish to use in the analysis, add any non-convertible debt held on the balance sheet, and select your projected exit date. Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.24.09 AM.png

Then select view results to see the waterfall analysis. Here you will see options to export the analysis in the upper right hand corner. Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.25.35 AM.png

If you are an Investor, you also have access to the new scenario modeling export feature. Exporting a waterfall analysis for your portfolio comapnies can be done here: Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 10.28.22 AM.png Additionally, when running a new waterfall analysis, you will be able to export the analysis after selecting View results. Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 11.53.19 AM.png