Exercise and Payment Status

We’ve released an improvement to allow stakeholders who submitted an exercise request to be able to see up-to-date information on the status of their exercise request and payment. These details can be found on the Exercises tab of the option grant modal. Once a company administrator approves the exercise request, the detailed payment steps will be shown.

ACH Payment Steps

Exercises paid via ACH will show three payment steps:

  • Transfer of funds from the stakeholder’s account
  • Confirmation of the funds at Carta
  • Transfer of the funds to the company’s account


Where applicable, expected completion dates will be shown. If there is an issue with the payment, description of the issue and next steps are provided.


Offline Wire Steps

Exercises paid via offline wire transfer will show two payment steps:

  • Confirmation of funds sent (provided by the stakeholder)
  • Confirmation of the funds received (provided by the company)