Improvements to the security acceptance process for investors

If you are a user who manages an investment firm, we’ve released a new process to accept securities into your account.

When a company issues a security to a fund or trust that is not yet on Carta, the user is prompted to create a new fund or trust and place it in the correct account. In the past, there was a single page that presented the investor with options of how to proceed. On this prior page, investors would often accidentally create a new entity or incorrectly accept the security into an existing entity.

Today, we released a step-by-step walkthrough that guides the user to create the correct entity and place it into the correct account. For investors new to Carta, this will reduce confusion and mishaps. For long time users, this adds clarity to a crucial step in the acceptance process that they have done many times before.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 4.38.59 PM.png